As you would expect we have loads of great books lined up for the next couple of years. Apart from the rest of the Legends series and the 2 Yateley Volumes we have two great NEW SERIES and a couple of stand alone books!!!
Following the success of the Legends series Rob has decided to do a similar series featuring the true carp hunters of modern days. BIG CARP HUNTERS will feature the anglers who have consistently targeted big carp all around the country. Not legends 'yet' but guys that have made great names for themselves by catching this sought after monsters. We have the first two authors writing their books now, both Ian Stott and Ed Betteridge are well respected anglers who have carved a name for themselves by consistently banking the UK's biggest carp and both have a great story to tell. Some material will come from the archives of Big Carp as it did for the Legends series but the vast majority will be original manuscripts especially commissioned for the series. Its still early days and the others in the series have not been set in stone but a short list has been drawn up for likely candidates. More information on this series will follow in due course.
The Big Carp Rotary Letter has often been referred to as the most informative angling literature ever written......hold onto your hats its coming in book form very soon, so if you missed it first time around prepare to be entertained and informed.
We also have 2 other books that we are considering for publication both written by ' known ' anglers....once again keep an eye on these news items for all the latest information when it is available.  

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