Latest Issue - Issue 256, Volume 43

What an issue I have for you this month, but before I tell you about it, just a word or two about our new FREE online magazine, Free Line, which was launched on October 1st at

If you haven't seen it yet, just click on the website address. It’s totally free and can be viewed on the handy ‘page turner’ device on the website, or you can download the app. Just download it to your phone and you can read it on the bank or anywhere else with no Internet. It was emailed out to over 25,000 anglers who subscribed, and the number is increasing all the time. So if you fancy 220-plus pages of brand new articles and classic articles from the archives of BC, sign up and receive it every month for free.

So our Secret Diaries issue kicks off with the Urban Myth himself, Terry Dempsey, and his exclusive monthly diary – this guy can catch ‘em wherever he goes. Travelling down to Oxford, he gets amongst Linch Hill’s finest from day one, landing several of the A-Team. Walthamstow Reservoirs is his next stop, and once again he's smashing ‘em up on his old stomping ground. There’s no stopping him now, as he heads for Lake Sumbar in Croatia, this time to break his personal best with an incredible haul of big carp.

Cover story comes from James Salmons with an absolute monster from his Cambridge syndicate – over 50lbs of true English thoroughbred. Elstow is a water you hear very little about these days, but it still contains a huge head of big carp. Its closely guarded secrets are usually kept under wraps, but in this issue, Peter Hall lifts the lid on a huge array of proper English monsters. Oxford again, and this time it’s the Linear Complex for Mark Foster, and a huge specimen falls to this talented angler.

The Taking of the Castle from Mark Baxter is an account of Mark’s years on this astounding Lincolnshire venue, steeped in history with a stock of mouthwatering big dark scalies. Ralph Walton travelled from Cornwall to the Quarry in Essex to try and catch a big UK history fish and came away with not one but thirteen in a single session, including the highly sought after Hoover. Last but not least, my old mucka Lee Jackson has done it again – world Champion for the second time! Read his exclusive account only in Big Carp… plus all our usual competitions, news, reviews and more.

Look out for Free Line issue 2 out on the 1st November.

I'll see you all again next month for a cold-water watercraft special.

Good hunting!


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The Taking of The Castle
by Mark Baxter
Oxford Bound
by Mark Foster
The Pig
by James Salmons
The Cotswold Croc
by Mitch Hammonds
Five Forties
by Terence Fitzgerald
Diary of The Urban Myth
by Rob Maylin & Terry Dempsey
An Oldy Called ‘Hoover’ and More
by Ralph Walton
World Carp Classic
by Lee Jackson
Elstow 2
by Peter Hall
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