Latest Issue - Issue 280, Volume 46
Issue 280, Volume 46Here Come The Girls

Have you noticed that there are a lot more ladies carp fishing these days? I'm not talking about girlfriends accompanying their boyfriends for a cuddly weekend in the bivvy rather than being left at home while hubby enjoys a couple of days camping by a beautiful lake, although undoubtedly that’s where some of it may have started, in some cases. No, the girls I am talking about are as keen as us guys, and some are keener. Not only are they keen but they know their stuff too. Oh yes… and they are out-catching, out-fishing and out-thinking many of the guys on the same lake too. In fact carp fishing has totally changed in the last decade, and no longer is carp angling just for the boys… Here come the girls!!

This month’s 'All Girl' lineup features some of the Big Carp girls who have been smashing it up for even longer than that decade. They've got the gear, and they know how to use it too, to great effect. Many are now sponsored anglers fishing for leading tackle and bait companies too.

Our cover girl is Tracy-Lee Khan, whose angling I have followed for many years. Sponsored by Steamies (iBaits) she has consistently caught from some very testing venues over the years, her determination has never faltered and her photo album would rival anyone's. Tracy has two pieces in this issue, one on this season and one on winter carping. Katy Aylward became Big Carp’s first ever girl front cover last year and returns this month with a look back at this season’s highs and lows. A return too from April Chiverton, sponsored by Dave Mallin Baits. April has constantly banked some of the best looking carp you will see on social media.

Next up is Claudia Darga, A prolific catcher of huge carp. I watched her on stage at one of the big shows last year, and this girl can catch 'em!! Emma Rimmer contacted me through Free Line with a big brace of mirrors, and here's how she did it. Elaine Taylor is a regular contributor to Free Line, and she has two pieces in this issue: Discovering France and Ladies Carp Competitions. You cannot deny that she's equally proficient at both. Add to this a special Carp Girl World photo album featuring ladies from around the world with some incredible catches. This is an issue from men and women carpers alike, and some of the tips and edges will put more carp on the bank for every angler.

Also this issue we have our regular carp news section 'Shock Leader' and 'Tac Tec' reviews and press releases, several competitions to win Urban Bait, holidays to Lake Bossard in France, Big Carp subscriptions and Bountyhunter books.

Join us next month for a Target Carping Special issue with features on Christchurch, Dinton, Wraybury and Monks… You would be crazy to miss it. Christmas is coming, so why not get yourself a subscription? Just take a look at the fantastic deals on the Big Carp website –

I will see you next issue!

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The Scaly Queen
by Tracy Lee-Khan
Off To Discover France And Make Memories
by Elaine Taylor
Carp Angling My Way
by Claudia Darga
Its In My Blood
by April Chiverton
Angling A Form Of Desease
by Katy Aylward
A Session To Remember!
by Emma Rimmer
Carp Girl World Catch Reports
Ladies Carp Competition
by Elaine Taylor
Winter Account Up And Running
by Tracy Lee-Khan

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