Latest Issue - Issue 267, Volume 44
Issue 267, Volume 44Under The Radar

It’s easy to think in this day and age that we have seen it all: the same old carp popping up in articles year after year, the same old consultants plugging the latest killer rig or bait. It’s no wonder carp mags are dropping like flies; in the end it’s an insult to your intelligence… the same old articles revamped, regurgitated and repeated year after year. Come on! Enough’s enough.

This is why BC is still on the shelves 30 years after its launch. We do not follow the trends; we do not bow down to pressure and we are the voice of the common man, the normal everyday carper with a tale to tell, not a product to sell. Our themes are unique, original and honest. Off The Beaten Track, Old School, Under The Radar, River Carping, Carping Legends, Carp Obsessions, Heritage Carp and proper English thoroughbreds… These are our themes, not how the latest wonder rig will turn your season upside down!

Under The Radar is our term for anglers or fish that do not appear on social media or in print every day of the week – anglers who are very secretive and go about their business without seeking fame or fortune from fishing but do it for the love of it. Over the years, I have got to know these guys and become privy to their angling, and every now and then they give me some of their jewels for the world to see. They trust me with their secrets because BC is THE only place they know is a safe house for their stories to be told. They are likeminded anglers, not fish-at-all-costs glory hunters but dedicated honest carpers with a passion for keeping things real in a world of hype and bullshit. Our readers are one of a kind; size really does not matter, but quality and integrity is what counts. Success without integrity is worthless.

You will love this month’s issue. Sam Jefferys explores the inner London waterways seeking carp with no names. You will not see any weights against the huge carp in his arms because he does not weigh them. We can clearly see there are many 30-plusses and the occasional 40, but to Sam the weight really is immaterial.

Off Radar by Brian Ingram describes an early pioneering adventure for some huge northern carp that blew everyone away 30 years ago. Forbidden Routes by Jack Thompson takes us well off the beaten track with part 2 of Jack’s guesting adventures. A 400-Acre Pit Mid-Fifty by Adam Spiller… if you know you know… but what a fish, sure to be on a few people’s hit list now. Docklands Uncovered by Bobby Coote is the start of a new series exclusive to BC from this, until now, very secretive angler. There are some never previously seen carp with no names for these leviathans, so watch out for the cover shot coming soon and prepare to have your hat blown off!

The Balkans – Gateway to the Unknown by Marc Westenberg is a piece for the globetrotters amongst you. This part of the world is just opening up to English anglers, and the rewards are immense. Plus, we have the Under The Radar Scrap Book and Catch Reports with some great catches from undisclosed venues. This is truly an issue you would be crazy to miss.

Rob Maylin

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Forbidden Routes Part 2
by Jack Thompson
Fishing For The Unknown
by Sam Jefferys
Off Radar
by Brian Ingram
The Balkans The New Destination For Big Carp
by Marc Westenberg
Sometimes Your Luck Is In
by Adam Spiller
by Bobby Coote
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