Latest Issue - Issue 269, Volume 45
Issue 269, Volume 45Old School Icons.

There is a real buzz in the air about Big Carp just lately with lots of good comments being messaged to me about the mag this year. Maybe the demise of the other carp mags has something to do with it, as we are certainly selling a hell of a lot more magazine subscriptions, but I think that although that may have something to do with it, it’s the content that everyone is raving about. Our themed editions: Old School, Big Black Scaly, Obsessions and Under The Radar are selling out every month, and although we only announced the River Thames Special a few days ago, orders are flying in. In an age of uncertainty, it’s reassuring to know our 30-year BC followers are just as passionate about reading it as ever… if not more so.

I thank you all for supporting BC for all these years. We know that money is hard earned these days, and we really appreciate it. Our subscribers are what keep us going, so if you are at a loss for what to ask for this Christmas, turn to our subscription offers in this issue or go to the website and see the great offers. You won't regret it!

And so to this month’s Old School Icons issue, and all you old school fans are in for a treat, I promise you. They are legends of a bygone age, many would say the good old days, a time long ago before Facebook, the Internet, or even mobile phones!! However did we survive? It certainly was a very different sort of carp angling to today’s high pace, remote control, snap chatting, wannabe blogger’s world we find ourselves in. Funnily enough though, we've always liked to read about it, and carp mags haven't really changed much since the seventies. There were more than we needed for a while, but slowly this is reverting back to a realistic figure, as survival of the fittest has seen many fall by the wayside.

Our contributors this month are our icons, although they would never admit it of course. These are the anglers we aspired to, the heroes of that bygone age who were catching carp years ago before the hair rig when not everyone could catch them quite so easily. Bruce Ashby is haulin' on Laughing Waters, Leybourne as it became known. He and Mike Harris were prolific catchers in the sixties, with not a boilie or a hair rig in sight. Jim Gibbinson was more than a legend – a god some would say – from an age gone by. Rod Hutchinson… well, what can you say about this carping genius that has not been said before? His fishing and writing have entertained us for over a quarter of a century. Ritchie McDonald was way ahead of his time, the original pursuer of the largest.

Kevin Maddocks was the man who unlocked the secrets of carp fishing to the masses, the angler who made carp fishing commercial and astounded us with his catches 40 years ago and gave the world Carp Fever! Stevie Briggs has seen the changes firsthand from his early days in the Kent hotbed to globetrotting in search of the biggest it has to hold. Also there is a tribute in this issue to the late, great Vic Gillings from Dick Gaynor. Bill Phillips recalls his early days. Richard Skidmore looks back at Redmire, and Paul Wilkinson remembers Wormleybury Manor. Derek Ritchie reminisces about Essex in the seventies when he held the county record.

Even our news section this month is all old school related, as Derek Stritton describes the Carp Society Museum at Horseshoe, Spencer Humble reminisces about Bob Morris Tackle, and Tony Fordham is remembered. Add to this an old school scrapbook full of memories, and that's why this issue is one to buy and keep forever.

Next month we go 'Off The Beaten Track' with a bit of good old fashioned poachin' followed by a River Thames Special with river monsters galore. Have a very Happy Christmas everyone, and get yourself a subscription for 2019 when there will be lots more magazines like these, I promise.

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Solitude, Intimacy And Club Pond Cloopers
by Bill Phillips BCSG
Brooklands And Those Early Years
by Steve Briggs
Wormleybury Manor
by Paul Wilkinson
by Dick Gayner
by Bruce Ashby
Unexploited Waters
by Jim Gibbinson
The Player
by Derek Ritchie
Where Legends Have Trodden
by Richard Skidmore
by Ritchie McDonald
Carp Sense
by Kevin Maddocks
Old School Photo Album
Thinking Carp
by Rod Hutchinson
Good Looking Carp – October

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