Latest Issue - Issue 254, Volume 43
Issue 254, Volume 43Another Record Fish Passes, Game Changers And History Fish

So, if you didn't know already, and I expect you do because I hear it was in the Sun, the Wasing Parrot has died. Another record fish joins those already in our history lists, and not only the Parrot but quite a list of the UK'S biggest carp. The artificially grown Big Rig, several 50s from Wellington and the big one from Farnham's Mill Lane too. Why? I'm guessing the same reason we get deaths at this time of year, every year – post spawning stress, high temperatures, low oxygen levels and simply getting caught too many times! Let’s not forget old age – nothing can live forever. There was talk of foul play, I hear, in the case of the Parrot, according to the Sun. Well, they would say that, wouldn't they?

Sorry, not a very cheerful start to this month’s BC. I could have ended with a joke, in true Monty Python style, but I suppose, “An ex-parrot; he is no more” would have been deemed in bad taste. I'm sure a fish worthy of record status will come along… Wouldn't it be wonderful if it was the Burghfield Common!!

This month – History Fish, Secret Diaries and Game Changers and what a lineup! Where do I begin? Let’s start with the mad carper Derek Ritchie who has been literally mashing it up over at Monks this year. Last month he was on the front with a 50, and this month he's been smashing ‘em again. Forties, thirties, fifties – he doesn't care! The tunes are banging, and so is the wanger, and he is hauling. You can't take it away from this guy; he's a born catcher of carp. If you haven't read his book, you really should. It has not won the accolade of Book Of The Year 2017, as voted by Big Carp readers, for nothing!

Next up there’s my old mucker, Terry ‘the Urban Myth’ Dempsey and his secret (Big Carp exclusive) diary. As you would expect, he's had some lovely carp – big, scaly ones, and so have some of his friends. There are some superb pictures in this piece.

Craig Runham is on the front with the Parrot. It’s pure chance that I had planned to have him on the front with his story inside several months ago. However, it’s quite appropriate under the circumstances. Chris Claxton had a memorable session at Wraysbury, catching a load of fish including two of the A-team!! Chris reveals his game changers in this issue. Ed Betteridge has been having a few by the sound of it, and we have pictures of his two new personal bests.

It’s nice to have some Yateley back in Big Carp. As you may know, I am currently compiling chapters for “A History Of Yateley Volume 3”, so this fantastic Car Park Lake piece is very appropriate. I’m still looking for more material, so if you have a Yateley story to tell (post sell-off) please get in touch. Charley White shows us just what’s in the Car Park these days!! Kasie Nelson and Keith Tucker both have articles on quality history fish, and it’s great to have their awesome articles in this issue too.

There are no less than ten competitions this month, a dozen French holidays, New Year at Anglers Paradise, books, mags and bait giveaways, and even a superb state of the art GOWI bait boat worth £700!!

Why not get yourself a subby? 14 mags delivered free for £55!! See pages 50 and 51. Plus our usual features, all the latest carpy news, reviews, catch reports, Made In England and Good Looking Carp of the Month – it’s the ultimate in carp porn!!

See you next issue with news of my trip to Ribière!!

Keep catchin',


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250th Issue
The Parrott
by Craig Runham
A Year of Personal Bests
by Ed Betteridge
More From Monk’s Pit
by Derek Ritchie
Planes, Trains and Angling
by Chris Claxton
The Secret Diary of The Urban Myth
by Rob Maylin talks with Terry Dempsey
Small Tail
by Keith Tucker
A Change of Fortune
by Charlie Wright
The Big Lin and The Silver Common
by Kasie Nelson

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