Latest Issue - Issue 264, Volume 44
Issue 264, Volume 44Secret Carp Special

The first ever Big Carp Old School magazine last month was very popular and sold out quickly. However, it’s worth remembering that you can still read a copy from our digital outlet Pocket Mags at

Starting last month, you get a second mag FREE – Free Line Magazine – at £3 a copy or a subscription for £17 for the double issue, so it’s great value for money. Plans are now underway for BC Old School 2 later this year with some great old school anglers already writing for this issue including more from Derek Stritton, Robin Dix, Paul Wilkinson and Mike Wilson plus contributions from Pete Springate, Ritchie Mac, Rob Maylin, John Harry, Bruce Ashby, Bill Phillips, Robin Monday and Steve Briggs. It’s set to be another sellout, so if you want a copy, why not get yourself a subscription? 14 issues for £55 is excellent value for money, so go to

Having had BC for almost 30 years, my readers never cease to amaze me. Here I am month after month trying to put together a cutting edge, latest news, ahead of the game issue when it appears that Fairy Liquid bottle tops and twitcher hitting is what really gets their boilies bubbling! Of course we will continue with our other favourite subject, off the beaten track (aka guesting), big black scalies and under the radar anglers and venues. I'm also planning the next Off The Beaten Track issue, so if you have been fishing for carp without names on neglected overgrown pools, please, please tell us about it.

As always, email everything to – there are no word or picture limits. Here's a list of articles I am looking for – OLD SCHOOL, OFF THE BEATEN TRACK, RIVER OR CANAL TALES, UNDER THE RADAR, GUESTING, BIG BLACK SCALIES AND GOOD LOOKING CARP.

The future of magazines doesn’t look great, and the list of titles disappearing off the shelves is growing every month, so if you like to read a proper magazine now and again, now is the time to show your support otherwise there won’t be any! It really is up to you, as only you can keep them going! How? By buying the magazines, either from newsagents or by subscribing. We are offering unbelievable deals to increase our number of subscribers – big discounts, free bait, free books, free clothing and even free issues. It will be a sad day if there were no carp mags at all, wouldn't it? Support us now – take a look at our subscription offers here:

This month theme is “Secret Carp”, and we do have some special carp from some under the radar venues this month, but let’s first address this month’s front cover and exclusive story from our first ever lady cover star, Katy Aylward. Congratulations!! It’s a real life “Beauty and the Beast” account of Katy and a fish known as the Black Mirror – a worthy cover star if ever there was one.

Also this month, Ringwood's secrets are revealed as Danny Holland treats us to some carp of epic proportions from several lakes not normally written about. His 54lb leather and a handful of upper 40 commons will take your breath away. Another pit rarely written about is Elstow's Pit 1, but Pete Hall lifts the lid this month, and once again, prepare yourselves to be blown away.

If that wasn't enough, we've a host of well known waters written about this month too, including Monks Pit with Adam Honeysett, Grenville with David Coward, Essex Manor with James Read and Stuart Higgs at Horton. So, there’s something for everyone. Add to these our usual helping of catch reports, Made In England, Best Fish of the Month, carpy news and reviews and half a dozen great competitions, at only £4.95, BC is great value for money!

Keep at ‘em!


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FOUR great competitions for you this month:
  • Bossard
  • Urban Baits
  • Bountyhunter
  • Big Carp
News & Reviews
What’s happening in the carp scene.
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Early Morning Lookout
by Katy Aylward
Back To The Future
by Danny Holland
Elstow Pit One
by Pete Hall
Horton Church Unfinished Business
by Stuart Higgs
by James Read
Recent Events
by Adam Honeysett
Grenville Lake Cambridge
by David Coward
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  • Oak Lakes
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