Latest Issue - Issue 279, Volume 46
Issue 279, Volume 46Autumn Equinox Issue

Have any of you ever slipped a disc? If you have, then you will know exactly how I am feeling, having just done mine. God knows how, but slip it has, and I'm in agony. The only thing that has cheered me up is putting this month’s Big Carp together, as I have been looking forward to this one since chatting to Ches Boughen on Facebook about his incredible results at Bundy's Pit and seeing some of the stunning carp he has been catching. This month’s cover story and 21-page article is part 1 of his adventures, prepare to be entertained.

This month Ollie Gurr takes us on a journey to the legendary Fox Pool, a water steeped in history and containing some incredible looking carp. This is the story of his campaign and the tremendous success he had during his time on the venue. Next up this issue is Shane Picken with an account of the capture of his target fish, Baby Baz, from the superb fishery, Tyram Hall. No easy capture this one due to the nature of the pit and the pressure from other determined anglers. Robert Mitchell's tale this month is a common one these days. Robert saw a picture of a huge black beast, and from that minute, every waking minute he thought of nothing else – only that that fish must be on his mat soon. Two years of blood, sweat and tears finally came good when at last the beast was tamed. This is a story for true Big Carp hunters everywhere – a story we can all relate to.

Darren Greave's article is a story of two halves. Darren was bitten by a tick, resulting in a life changing disease called Lyme disease. From that point his life changed, and for a moment he thought fishing, the love of his life, could be over forever, but he was not going to give up without a fight, and fight he did – persevering no matter what the pain. I won't spoil the story, but what happened was incredible, and a huge, unknown giant of a carp came his way. Read on…

It takes a lot these days to blow everyone away here at HQ, but this one did! Ashley Whitham's Quest for the Queen is a tale of pursuit at the highest level, an incredible mahoosive great common, a record for its county, a perfect specimen of what carp fishing is all about. Prepare for your jaw to hit the ground – I kid you not!! Next up is Aaron Rillings's story of Samson and some of his buddies from the prolific Monks Pit, a venue no stranger to the pages of Big Carp. This water has come to the forefront of carp fishing over the past few seasons, now containing an extraordinary amount of big carp. Lots more from Monks coming up too, including the latest haul from Derek Ritchie and lots of carpy news and reviews too, plus the best in advertisers. Please support them – it’s their adverts and your subscriptions that have enabled Big Carp to keep going when many others have fallen.

I will see you next month for a 'Target Carping Special' followed the next month with 'Carp Girls Issue', two definitely not to miss. See our latest subscription deals on pages 52 and 53, and a massive thank-you for supporting us.

See you next month!

Keep catching!

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Bundyís Pit
by Ches Boughen
Tyram Hallís Baby Baz
by Shane Picken
by Aaron Rilings
The One Little Bite That Can Change Your Life
by Darren Greaves
My Fox Pool Campaign
by Ollie Gurr
My Quest For The Queen
by Ashley Witham
Two-Year Campaign
by Robert Mitchell
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