Latest Issue - Issue 272, Volume 45
Issue 272, Volume 45Magnificent Beasts

This month we have a selection of articles aimed at firing everyone up ready for our spring campaigns only a few short weeks away. Once those clocks go forward at the end of March, we carp anglers once again head lakeside in our thousands. Not that we can complain about the winter we have just had. As I write this in mid-February, strong southwesterlies are forecast for the weekend, and with nighttime temperatures staying well above freezing, the chance of a winter carp is well on the cards.

The cover story this month is part 2 of Ash Geden’s history-making trio of Thames forties, and what a magnificent beast this huge linear is! Our Thames Special last month was incredibly popular, and with the closed season looming, time has all but run out for a river carp this side of June 16th. I will be publishing another river special, this time featuring a dozen of the UK's top river venues other than the Thames, so watch out for another couple of fifties so far unpublished!

Next up there’s a great exclusive from my old mate Terry Dempsey as we catch up with what Tel has been up to these past months, and let me tell you, he's been ‘avin ‘em once again – magnificent beasts from Savay, Woolpack and some stunners from Linch Hill too… There's no stopping this talented fish catcher. Also this month, we have the return of Big Carp regulars, father and son team Barry and Ben Oconnor, with the first of a series of articles on Cottington Lakes, and it goes without saying that these carp are special. No wonder Cottington always rates so highly with our readers. Derek The Don is back too this month; just feast your eyes on his latest array of hippos.

Carl Goulesbra can catch ‘em too – some of Lincolnshire's finest – so don't miss his great piece on tackling this 200-acre pit with its obvious problems. Speaking of big pits, check out the article from Thomas Rossiter for a stunning big fully. Kris Bingham makes his debut in this month’s issue with a great story entitled More Tackle Box and less Xbox, a dilemma that many dads must be facing reading this, me included… Oh, how I wish my son Max had the passion for carp fishing that he does for Fortnite! Fathers take note – it looks like Kris has cracked it!

Si Llewellyn's article, The Petting Zoo, really has me reaching for the rods – quality fish and a quality venue. Finally, there are articles from John Thornley who caught the incredible Lock Stock at a huge weight, Daryl Moody with a very special old one from his local club water, Adam Dawsy with a truly magnificent beast and Liam Backx with some Farlows crackers!

There’s loads of other great stuff this month too, including all the carpy news, reviews, competitions to win holidays, Urban Bait, books and magazines.

I'll be at the last three shows of the year if you want to come and say hi and pick up a book or a subby – Manchester on the 23-24th February, The Big One at Farnborough on the 23-24th March and the NEW big One at Stoneleigh on the 13-14th April.

Next month it’s another Old School Special with a fantastic lineup from the good old days with articles on how we still used to catch carp before the hair rig and boilies! Also next month, there are the Big Carp Top 10 awards for 2018-2019. Why not get yourself a subscription and save some money? See this month’s deals on pages 52 and 53.

See you next month… Roll on the spring.

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The Petting Zoo
by Si Llewellyn
More Tackle Box, Less Xbox
by Kris Bingham
Special Old One From A Club Water
by Daryl Moody
Diary of The Urban Myth
by Rob Maylin chats with Terry Dempsey
A Date With Christine
by Barry Oconnor
The Big Pit
by Thomas Rossiter
Chasing Dreams On The River Thames - Part 2
by Ash Geden
Farlows Session
by Liam Backx
Lincolnshire’s Finest
by Carl Goulsbra
The Simple Approach
by Adam Dawsy
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrelled Hookbaits
by John Thornley
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