Latest Issue - Issue 259, Volume 43
Issue 259, Volume 43River Carping 3

Its taken me the best part of a year to put this river carping issue together. I first posted on Facebook that I was looking for articles way back in April 2017. I had a great response from you guys, and gradually articles, both technical and campaign based, came in on a wide selection of rivers including the Rivers Chelmer, Medway, Trent, Ouse, Gipping, Severn, Thames, Wey, Aire, Avon, Cam, Arun and Lea. So a massive thanks to Mitch Godfrey, Lewis Martin, Adam Honneysett, Christopher Mooney, James Rabjohns, Kevin Sanders,  Scott Rodgers, Dave Little, Ben Dowers, Rob Bown, Ollie Seaborn, Jack Freeman and Joshua Bath.

Some well known river anglers in that list as you can see, so this month’s Big Carp will appeal to both experienced river anglers already planning their next mission, anglers contemplating their first little sortie away from the hustle and bustle of normal pit fishing and your average carper just interested in something different to the norm.

There’s loads of useful information on choosing the right river near you, swim, tackle and bait choice, watercraft, and there are even a couple of pieces from guys who do guided trips if you fancy a little help to get you started.

Next month it’s a ‘Beauties and Beasts’ issue with some very big and exceptionally good looking carp already lined up for that issue, but if you fancy contributing something, please be my guest.

The month after that and something really special, the Big Carp readers’ favourite choice and a subject I am asked about more than any other. It’s the next of our ‘Off The Beaten Track’ specials. I already have several articles promised but would love to hear from anyone with a tale to tell. Drop me a line on Facebook or email

If you are thinking of taking out a subscription then now is the time to do it; you do not want to miss any of these. Also this month, river catch reports, all your carpy news and reviews, Good Looking Carp of the Month and loads of other great competitions.

I'll see you next month, when spring will be just around the corner.

Be lucky,


This Issues Contents
FOUR great competitions for you this month:
  • Bossard
  • Bountyhunter
  • Urban Baits
  • Big Carp
News & Reviews
What’s happening in the carp scene
Latest product reviews
  • Kupilka
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Trent Tales
by Mitch Godfrey
River Trent
by James Rabjohns
River Chelmer
by Lewis Martin
My Time On The River
by Christopher Mooney
The Island Stretch
by Scott Rodgers
River Carping
by Kevin Sanders
River Wye Carp
by Ollie Seaborn
River Carping
by Ben Dowers
Tackling The Flow
by Dave Little
River Trent
by Rob Bown
River Carping My Story So Far
by Joshua Bath
River Carp Quest
by Jack Freeman
The River Diary
by Adam Honeysett
A Recent Guiding Session On The River Trent
by Mitch Godfrey
Big Carp Promotions
  • UK Bait Company
  • Oak Lakes Fishery
  • Horcott Lakes and QC Baits
by Good Looking Carp December
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