Latest Issue - Issue 275, Volume 46
Issue 275, Volume 46Big Carp Bangerz!

What a mag I’ve got for you this month!! The theme is BIG CARP BANGERZ! A couple of years ago if I had said we have a mag full of bangerz, you might have expected some of Wall’s finest pork, but these bangerz epitomise everything that makes the perfect carp. Big, black, scaly monsters… pure carp porn… the fish that can turn a man away from family and the comforts of home and give him tunnel vision in the pursuit of the ultimate beast, carp that become legends in their watery homes and become the obsession of men of all ages. Sit back and enjoy some of the cream of carp fishing from waters countrywide, sought by many but only caught by a favoured few.

Let’s start with our cover star this month, Mark Cookson, and his Stoneacres Stonkers. Surely this is one of the most amazing venues in the country, the home of some incredible bangerz. There are lots more from Stoneacres coming up in BC soon.

Adam Honeysett is back this month with more Manor Magic. What an incredible campaign this angler has had on this Essex venue – so many great warriors for the ever-consistent angler.

Speaking of  consistent campaigns and amazing looking carp, Paul Bennett is another angler who deserves huge credit for his love of the Grenville giants. Michael Webb’s account of a true UK ‘Winter Fifty’ shows what rewards are there for anglers prepared to get out there and do it even in the depths of winter. Peter Codd caught a whole load of winter monsters too, from a venue that had been closed for a while. Well done, Peter.

Also this month: Zac Burley catches some Westbourne Whackers, Ryan Stubbings lands Rosemere Royalty, Barry Oconnor returns with part 2 of his Cottington series, Adam Kitchen gets some Morning Glory, Charlie Cunningham gets amongst the Lagoon Lumps, Jordan Marsh lands Furzebray's Finest, Dean McLeod returns for some Monks Pit Monsters, Jon Botting lands a Bury Hill Beauty, Jon Collins proves Zigs are For Pigs and Michael Norman catches a Country Park Cracker – a feast of springtime bangerz!!

Also this month: Made in England, catch reports, carpy news, latest reviews, competitions and much, much more. Next month it’s River Monsters 2 – river carp into the fifties, never before publicised – followed the next month by an Old School Special with some great stories from a bygone age.

Still not got a subscription? Not many carp mags left now! Big Carp IS… and for a reason! Get your subscription here pages 50 and 51.

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  • Harley Whitney: Callum Smyth - Basingstoke & Chris Lewis - Yateley.
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by Mark Cookson
Manor Magic
by Adam Honeysett
A Date With Christine – Summer Part 2
by Barry Oconnor
Twin Scale
by Ryan Stubbings
A Winter’s Tale
by Peter Codd
Mission Accomplished
by Michael Norman
The Return to Monks Pit
by Dean McLeod
The Morning Glory
by Adam Kitchen
Furzebray 2
by Jordan Marsh
Low Stock Lagoon in Storm Gareth
by Charlie Cunningham
Westbourne House Syndicate
by Zac Burley
Lake of Dreams
by Paul Bennett
Nemo, Temple, Bury Hill
by Jon Botting
Zigs For Pigs
by Jon Collins
by Michael Webb
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