Latest Issue - Issue 270, Volume 45
Issue 270, Volume 45Off The Beaten Track 9

If it’s an Off the Beaten Track issue, you all know by now what to expect – some guesting, some unusual venues and of course some incredible big, black, scaly carp that you have never seen before. Let me tell you now that you are not going to be disappointed; we've got all that and more.

Cover story this month is from Big Carp regular Bobby Coote, and what a carp it is – an ultra-rare Docklands leviathan, never before seen in print. Bobby has been writing about the Docks over the last few issues. His passion for the London waterways has seen him land some stunning creatures over the years, but this one will take some beating. Bobby is joined this issue by his pal Dan in a second article, this time an Inner London Park with an unknown stock, which only gives up its prizes to the dedicated and determined – proper urban angling at its best.

A more different set of scenery would be hard to imagine as Richie Leat decides to target a farmer’s pond in which he spotted a huge mirror. Prepare to be blown away by this awesome animal. James Walford answered my request on Facebook for any poaching tales for this issue. As the title suggests, it was a case of a quick in-and-out, but with some very worthwhile results from this no-fishing bird lake! Steve Bliss contacted me to tell me of his fishing this autumn after catching a huge Cotswold mirror not far off 50 and then following it up with a 47 and a 44. I just couldn't wait to read his secret diary… God knows how many more unknown monsters this lake holds!

James Bromley tackles the tricky Cardiff Wharf to take a huge 40 mirror while Ryan Evans also tames some of those awesome Wharf specimens. Not for the fainthearted, Craig McEvoy tackles the Sanatorium Pool and nearby canal to catch some proper urban legends, whilst Marco Pinto and Dominic Garnett also catch some incredible canal beasts. Add to this lot a special Off The Beaten Track Made in England containing even more rare uncaught warriors.

Next month, it’s a River Thames Special, and I've got an incredible issue for you. Ash Geden takes the cover spot with one of his three amazing Thames 40s and an article that takes the reader on a journey to one of the most unbelievable months’ Thames fishing that this country has ever seen – a string of 20s and 30s topped off by a trio of awesome Thames monsters. Also this issue, the history of Nick Helleur's Thames record 50lb’er plus a whole host of Thames articles from anglers devoted to this mighty river and the secret jewels it holds. You will be a fool if you miss this fascinating issue. Why not sign up for a year’s subscription? Save up to 50% of the cover price with our post free/free mags deal.

Happy New Year to all our readers… See you next issue.

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The Small Dock
by Bobby Coote
Basingstoke Beauty
by Marco Pinto
Urban Legends
by Craig McEvoy
In And Out
by James Walford
On And Off The Beaten Track
by James Bromley
Hidden London Gems
by Bobby Coote
Cotswold Monsters
by Steve Bliss
Crooked Lines
by Dominic Garnett
The Farm Pond
by Richie Leat
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