BC Hot Spot Swimming Boardshorts
Swimsuit 100% polyester, model with no pockets and inner net, modern and sporty line with large side cuts on the legs for an absolute freedom in all movements. Trendy line with stretch waist closure.The entire swimsuit left side is realized in camouflage color, with text “CARP FISHING” on the side of the leg, positioned to be accessed from both sides (front/rear). Rubber logo Hotspot Design sewn above the text "CARP".

The right side is entirely black color, in the front has been included a stylized carp in the same design of our collection Carpfishing Eco. In the rear part, the Hotspot Design stylized logo is positioned in the internal part of the leg. Logo Hotspot Design in the waist front and rear.

An original product that gives incredible ease of use in all movements, with camouflage color characterized by a bright green color, a trendy and unique product.

Postage Costs: £5 UK | £15 Europe | £25 ROW

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