That enigmatic history fish 'Jumbo' from Yateleys' Pad Lake is the next in our Legendary carp series. This awesome creature was arguably the most difficult of the Big Yateley Trio to catch simply because it lived in the tiny, shallow, Lilly pad lake and was constantly under incredible angling pressure from those that pursued it.

This great chunk of a mirror attained an all time high just short of Walker's record and was caught by such great anglers as Mc Donald, Maylin, Hearn and Sharp. Truly a legend Jumbo now sits side by side with its peers Bazil and Jumbo on the wall of fame. This painting took the artist over 6 months to complete such is the attention to detail.

There are four more paintings to go to complete the set, the next will be ' two tone ' our current record, there is also Walkers old record Clarrisa, what maybe the next record ' The Wassing Linear ' and that great character Arthur will complete the set.

Others in the series include: Bazil, Heather, The Black Mirror, The Burghfield Common, The Bishop, Mary and Mary's Mate, The Royal Forty.

P & P:
UK - £8 recorded delivery & tube.
Europe - £12 recorded delivery & tube.
ROW - £15 recorded delivery & tube.

Type:  Art

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